24th Anniversary

Embracing Change
24 years ago today (yes, April 15th) we bought the General Store from Ellen & Phyllis. Many things have changed since then- and I have truly learned to accept that change is an OK constant in life….. I know that I wouldn’t be in this great place if it weren’t for lots of kind help and support along the way.
So, many Thanks to you all!
Speaking of change….some of you have noticed that there are more things happening at the GS….in the Cafe we have rearranged the tables, taken out booths, moved the coffee counter, the order counter….and more change is coming! On the store side, we moved the front counter, took out an old cooler, and we are adding a Baby section, Pet section, and Men’s gift section. And…we are not done yet!
I am posting photos- but come see for yourself!

IMG_6278 IMG_6294 IMG_6295 IMG_6296 IMG_6297

Cafe counter

Cafe counter


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